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 Oh hai tis Chey :)

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PostSubject: Oh hai tis Chey :)   Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:56 am

So its 5am my time and im bored as hell lol. Anyway, my pic is in my avatar thinger mabober anyway. I r from CANADA!!!! hehe uhhh idk what else to say but HAIIIII I know a fair amount of you guys. Yah yah Im in inFluence right now, but lookin for a new clan cause my bf doesnt want me in the same clan as him again and im here saying HAI and i wanna be in LR. Ive known some of you since like my friend Khayn was with y'all. I used to be CheyannaDawn Smile but dont call me dawn. bad bad idea unless u wanna hear a mega rage Razz Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
p.s in case u cant tell, my fave color is PINK!!!!
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Oh hai tis Chey :)
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