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 This is McKlellan> Please Read!

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PostSubject: This is McKlellan> Please Read!   Tue Mar 09, 2010 6:18 am

Well My name is Christian, 23 years old from San Diego CA. Games I have played On PC are Delta force 2, Delta force Black Hawk Down, Medal Of Honor, Call of duty 2, Call of Duty(R) 4 - Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Crossfire, Sudden Atack, Counter Strike, Wolfteam, Wolfestain, AVA And COMBAT ARMS (All FPS). I have a new computer almost between 1 and 2 months. Asus CG5270, IntelCore2Quad 2.50 GHz, 8 GB Ram, Nvidia Geforce 260 GTX. Monitor Asus VH232H Full HD 1080P (Very Fast Computer, And very nice Graphics). I Work and I'm a student.

Why do I try so hard to be in this clan? Because I enjoy playing with all of you. Good persons, respectful and not hackers.

My favorites mode on Combat Arms are S&D and Elimination Pro. On Elimination sometimes I do good but I dont feel good on that mode.

Im a legit player, Never use hack, and everygame I had play Im good on it because I try my best.. obviously at first Im a noob then little by little I Improve myself.

I like clans because strategy. thats why I play S&D and Elimination Pro, In almost all game I play those kind of modes(S&D).

I do have Ventrilo, Teamspeak & Xfire.

Thx For your time!
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PostSubject: Re: This is McKlellan> Please Read!   Tue Mar 09, 2010 7:59 am

so you obviously didnt check the application section and read the sample app and follow the rules so here's the link.

Try again

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This is McKlellan> Please Read!
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