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 Well it Was fun for a while

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Well it Was fun for a while Empty
PostSubject: Well it Was fun for a while   Well it Was fun for a while EmptySat Jun 12, 2010 8:43 am

well being in last request was fun, no hard feeling, kinda pissed me off for a day but i got over it, i mean its just a game right?

but thx bes for being cool, and honest all the time.

thank u father for ur humor on most nights

and thank u for all in all being the bestt clan ive been in so far.

that might change as i am now in no lube, but we will see.

so this is my stoner goodbye lol.

and for the record im sorry for losing my temper, i should have just not used the smoke or left the game instead. but its to late now.

so if u guys dont hate me forever perhaps we play together peacefully in the future cuz u all know i dont hack and am legit and that im just a pain in the ass.

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Well it Was fun for a while
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